About Me, and How This Works


I live in New Jersey. So obviously, if your church is in Texas, I can’t just come over and help out physically. Then again, in my day job, I manage a team of developers geographically dispersed, most of whom I’ve never met. Most of this stuff can be done remotely these days.

Also, while my services are free, some of what you want or need won’t be free. I can’t give away equipment, or pay for internet fees, etc. Let’s say for example your church would like to have its own website. Here is what is involved:

  • You have to register and pay for the “domain name” for that site. If you want your church to be called “welovethelord.com” - then that costs money. Now, usually that comes out to less than $1 per month so it isn’t something that should hold you back. I can do this for you, and that service won’t cost you anything, but you will pay to “own” that domain name.

  • Some work has to be done to actually create the website - putting your content on it, some images, whatever it might be. I can do this for you, and that service won’t cost you anything. I can maintain it with changes and updates over time too. Still without cost to you - up to a certain point. If you need lots of frequent changes, maybe we can train someone in your church to take over this duty.

  • Your website has to “live somewhere on the internet” so that people can get to it. I’d be glad to set that up for you too. Depending on the needs of your website, this all might be for free too - or very close to it.

Finally - if I can’t help with your need, maybe I know someone who can. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and have made friends and contacts along the way.


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