Pitman Road Church of Christ


I recently visited the Pitman Road Church of Christ, and I have to say I’m very impressed.

This is a beautiful building filled with normal everyday people who just want to serve the Lord. The friendliness yet not overly-done hospitality was quite refreshing. Unlike so many churches I’ve visited, no one was asking me for my cell phone number on my first visit. But they did give me a bulletin that had phone numbers and email addresses of church leaders, and made sure that I knew I could call anytime.

How impressive is that? Instead of immediately asking for MY contact information, before I even had a chance to know if I’d ever want to come back, they were simply offering me theirs. This is the opposite of so many other churches, and I can’t quite get over how nice that is. They were offering to be of service to me - not trying to get me on their spam list. BIG CHECK MARK.

There was a man who spoke to me after service, clearly either overly shy or unassuming - trying to let me know about the various “LIFE Groups” that meet regularly. I could tell he really wanted to tell me all about them, but maybe it was his first time reaching out to a visitor. I really hope I meet with him again some time, it was great to see someone going out “on a limb” to share with others.

And what are these “LIFE Groups” anyway? As it turns out, there are about a dozen of them. What a lot of churches might call “fellowship groups” or “home Bible studies” - things like that. Small groups of people meeting with their own agendas - on different days - so that, if you wanted to, I think you could “go to church” every day of the week. Wow! One thing that has really turned me off about churches here in the NorthEast is so few actually have what I’m used to - church 3x a week. Well these LIFE Groups have that covered.

One example LIFE Group meets on Sunday afternoon after the morning service. At someone’s home. The idea of this group is they share lunch together and talk about the message of the morning, and what it meant to them, or how it might apply to their lives, etc. This is the real deal.

The message itself was very “applying the Gospel to your life” focused. This church and everyone in it seem to be focused on exactly that - keeping Jesus first and sharing Him with others.

I have not been as impressed with a church since the 1980s at The Pentecostals of Alexandria. Trust me when I say - this is as large a compliment as I can give.


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