Today I attended Living Water Bible Church in the morning and heard David Wood preach a good, old-fashioned message about Jesus’ sacrifice for us. A video can be found here.

I had to bow my head and close my eyes as he described the scourging and crucifixion of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It always breaks my heart when I consider His suffering. I’m so thankful for the powerful reminder.

Like everyone, I have an ongoing battle with the flesh, the world, and sin in general. A sermon like this puts me back where I belong: at His feet in abject worship, broken-hearted tears flowing, and with a freshly renewed desire to live for Him.

Also, an altar-call. Where I grew up, these were done at every service. Everyone is told to bow their heads and close their eyes while only the preacher looks out. Anyone who doesn’t already know the Lord is asked to just raise their hands, simply acklowledging their plight and identifying themselves so that they can be prayed for. Later of course they are asked to come forward if they’d like to pray publicly. Five people did come forward for that. Five people convicted of their sin, asking the Lord for forgiveness, and boldly stepping out to live for Him. Someone even got baptized! Praise the Lord!


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