Free Technology Services for your Church


Hi. My name is Travis, and I've been blessed by the Lord with a long and successful career in Information Technology.

I want to give back, and honor the Lord by giving freely of my time to any church that might need assistance. It doesn't matter what denomination you might be. If your church can say with me that Jesus is Lord! then I'd love to serve with you.

Things I might be able to help with:

  • Setting up a web site.
  • Establishing email addresses.
  • Setting up prayer circles using email or text notifications.
  • Setup and hosting of audio recordings.
  • General computer or network troubleshooting.

Or anything else really. Maybe you already have a tech person who just needs some help or advice.

My services are free of charge. If you insist on paying anything, whatever you give will go directly into the offering plate at my local church.

Contact me to see if I can help! Praise the Lord!